Tone City Blue Crystal Echo Analog Delay Pedal


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Tone City Blue Crystal Echo Analog Delay Pedal

Go big or go home. This is an unusual first for mini stomp-box specialists Tone City – they’ve created a standard sized pedal! That means more awesome tonal options to explore and all with a very tempting price tag…

The Blue Crystal is an analogue decaying delay/echo packing plenty of character. It’s a time-based effect that adds movement to your sound and fills out the gaps in your ensemble. An important pedal in any setup.


Analogue delays like the Blue Crystal degrade in tone with every repeat. The Blue Crystal captures this iconic sound in a simple, easy-to-use pedal. Select how long your delay trails linger with the long/short switch. Fine tune this with the repeat control. Meanwhile, the mix blends your dry signal with the pedal effect and the time either speeds sets the rate at which the repeats are played.

Key Features

Analogue decaying delay

Perfect for any setup in front of an amp

True bypass

Controls: Long/short switch, time, repeat, mix

Power supply not included.
Please use a 9V DC power adapter whose polarity is negative center otherwise, the product may not work properly