Tone City Comp Engine Compressor TC-T13 Guitar Effect Pedal True Bypass


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Tone City Comp Engine Compressor TC-T13 Guitar Effect Pedal True Bypass

Tone City Comp Engine Compressor Pedal TC-T13
Compressor may not be the most obvious effect in the world but the difference it makes to your overall tone is incredible. It is the silent wonder of the guitar world so no wonder all the pros make sure to have one in their rig. Compress Your Tone There are two main ways you can use a compressor. Either load it up with a tone of compression for a very squashed sound that brings out the attack in your notes and smooths everything out. That is perfect for funk, blues and jazz. The other way you can run it is in to a slightly distorted rig with a small amount of actual compression but a lot of volume and a fast attack to get incredible sustain. Ever wondered how artists get their notes to ring out for so long? It was most likely a compressor just like this. Small and Portable All Tone City pedals are built into a micro pedal format which not only helps keep your pedalboards size down but it also keeps your wallet full thanks to their amazingly low price. But don’t worry you don’t lose any quality when going down to this small size. All of the controls are all still high quality components and they all have true bypass switching to make sure your signal stays as clean as possible.
Input Impendence: 500k
Output Impendence: 10k
Power Supply: DC 9V adapter, Center Minus (not included)
True Bypass

All Tone City pedals are True Bypass and require a 9v DC Center Minus Power Supply for operation as there’s no battery slot.