Tone City Funny Boy Auto Wah Pedal


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Tone City Funny Boy Auto Wah Pedal

Go big or go home. This is an unusual first for mini stomp-box specialists Tone City – they’ve created a standard sized pedal! That means more awesome tonal options to explore and all with a very tempting price tag…

The Funny Boy is an envelope filter pedal capable of some serious quacks and gawks! Set the Funny Boy to your preferred psychedelic sound and get stuck into playing as it twists and turns your tone.


Envelope filters and auto wahs are commonly used in funk as they produce a very bouncy, energetic effect. The Funny Boy, however, is is extremely flexible in its applications, giving your stale guitar tone a new lease of life. It’s packed with interesting controls such as resonance, which applies size and presence to the filtering and bias, which cuts low-end when turned down.

Key Features

Envelope filter/auto-wah funk effect

Great for any instrument setup

True bypass

Controls: Resonance, Sensitivity, Bias, Decay

Powered by 9V

Power supply not included.
Please use a 9V DC power adapter whose polarity is negative center otherwise, the product may not work properly