Tone City Golden Plexi 2 Distortion ver 2 TC-T7


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Tone City Golden Plexi 2 Distortion ver 2

This is the Golden Plexi 2 by Tone City.  Great efforts were made by Jason on this version to make the GAIN knob smoother and with so much more control on the distortion, the GAIN now increases the distortion in slight increments from a lite drive to a full raging distortion. Same Marshall Plexi Tone as before but with full GAIN control.

If you’re looking for a Marshall style tone in an affordable and tone-full box check out the Golden Plexi.  Transform your Fender (or any clean channel) into a British sounding beast with all the best types of overdrive you could ask for.  If you’re a fan of the Carl Martin Plexi Tone you’re going to love this pedal.

There are three pots that control the Gain,Volume,Tone.

Gain – Controls the overdrive tone.

Volume – Controls how loud you want to be.

Tone – Controls the treble presence of the pedal.

All Tone City pedals are True Bypass and require a 9v DC Center Minus Power Supply for operation as there’s no battery slot.