Tone City Rock Magma Distortion Super Sustain Guitar Effect Pedal


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Tone City Rock Magma Distortion Super Sustain

This is a pedal long awaited by me and in collaboration with Jason of Tone City to bring it to production as it gave me personally what I was looking for in a distortion, sustain and sort of sustainiac type of feedback, like a S Vai-sh cleaner drive, sustain on every note most times not even plucking a string, sort of hard to put to words, don’t get me wrong this pedal will give you full distortion as well, you’ll have to experience it for yourself. This is an exclusive to us here in North America but proud to ship it anywhere in the world. Enjoy! Vids to come soon.
PS. Oh yes the specs on the picture is not dirt , lol it is Metallic Flake Paint.

Info I have found on the net about it.
This little pedal can get the classic punchy British style tone easily. Great dynamics, very close to a real tube amplifier , you can dial from clean tone to dirty rock tone, and it is very clear even on low gain. There are 3 clip switch for 3 different tones, which actually a mid-shift, providing different voicings.

This Rock Magma Distortion is an incredible sounding pedal.  It’s a standard pedal size which is unique  …  this pedal is no joke. Check YouTube for some demos. It can do the low gain stuff but when dimes it’s a wall of thick usable tone.  A real sleeper pedal

Power supply not included.
Please use a 9V DC power adapter whose polarity is negative center otherwise, the product may not work properly