Tone City Rubine Fuzz Pedal


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Tone City Rubine Fuzz Pedal

Go big or go home. This is an unusual first for mini stomp box specialists Tone City – they’ve created a standard sized pedal! That means more awesome tonal options to explore and all with a very tempting price tag…

The Rubine dishes out a whole lot of fuzzy, sputtering noise in disgustingly satisfying ways. High octane players will love the Rubine for its noise gate-clipping qualities.


Switch on the Rubine with everything set at noon, and already off the bat you’ve got a huge sound. Controls consist of an overall volume, mids to set the prominence of the midrange frequencies and drive to keep the heat exactly how you like it.

Key Features

Clipping fat fuzz tone

Perfect for single-coil pickup guitars

Controls: Volume, Fuzz, Mids

True Bypass

Powered by 9V

Power supply not included.
Please use a 9V DC power adapter whose polarity is negative center otherwise, the product may not work properly.