Demonfx Mini Chorus Toggle options Guitar Effect Pedal

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Demonfx Mini Chorus Toggle options Guitar Effect Pedal

This is the new Mini Chorus from Demonfx. 
Bringing some of the best sought after sounds at a real nice price.

Response inspired by the Analogman Mini Chorus.

The Demonfx Mini Chorus pedal is a warm, shimmery chorus with a distinct voice.

Offering controls for Speed and Depth with an optional Mix knob and Depth toggle switch.
S-(speed)  controls the rate of the chorus.
D-(depth) controls the width of the chorus, from subtle to super deep.

Mix-(blend)” controls the wet/dry blend between your dry signal and the chorused signal.

Mix setting at noon equals a 50/50 blend, but adjusting the  the mix knob allows
you to mix in a very subtle chorus by backing it down from noon. By maxing out the “mix” control, you can even achieve a real nice vibrato effect.

In addition, you can switch between normal and deep with a toggle switch, enabling a deeper chorus sound.
Depth Option: Depth Toggle Switch options

3-position toggle switch

  •  thick sound
  •  thin sound
  •  and regular

True Bypass
Controls for speed, depth, mix(blend),Depth Toggle Switch
Dimensions: 115 x 64 x 36 mm
Original Design: Japan
Powered by DC9V ,Negative Center (not included)

  • Note:
    Power supply not included.
    Please use a 9V DC power adapter whose polarity is negative center otherwise, the product may not work properly.
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    1 * Effect Pedal
    1 * User Manual ( English )
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